AmWINS Specialty Casualty Solutions is a full service underwriting facility. Through our premier underwriting system, we can provide the necessary underwriting support similar to any insurance carrier including accounting and claim integration from claim TPA’s.

Specialized Underwriting

ASCS has developed an integrated systems approach that combines the underwriting evaluation process with rating and actuarial tools designed for handling large accounts or consolidated entity pool accounts. Utilizing the underwriting expertise and systems capability allows ASCS to also provide full functionality for Pool clients. 

Program Management

The underwriting system can provide critical information to evaluate performance, new emerging exposures and pending transactions in a real-time maximizing efficiency. Underwriters are actively involved in the process that enhance day to day decision making.

What We Do

  • Provide Insurance Carriers Administrative Support
  • Provide JPA Pool Administration Support
  • Underwrite/Risk Selection
  • Actuarial Services
  • Provide Analytical Reports
  • Integrate Claim Data