Special District Excess Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability

Including Buffer Layer Options

Coverage Highlights

Insuring Agreement

  • Indemnity
  • All loss for regular benefits under the workers compensation law in effect at the date of loss and claims expenses to which this insurance applies in excess of the self-insured retention as shown on the Declarations.
  • Damages for which you liable to a third party as a result of injury to your employee
  • Occurs during the policy period


Entities/Operations Insured

  • You, the Named Insured as shown on the Declarations
  • Partnership or Joint Venture as shown on the Declarations
  • Employees hired by you
  • Act as Volunteers or Board Members
  • Traveling or temporarily working outside the United States
  • Employees not subject to workers compensation of the listed state
  • Employees who are U.S. citizens assigned by you to work at locations outside the United States
  • Voluntary Compensation
  • Stop Gap Insurance
  • Endemic Disease and Repatriation
  • Unintentional Error or Omission
  • Communicable disease

Limits of Insurance

  • Per Occurrence
  • Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations is the most we will pay the Insured under the Coverage Part regardless of the number of:
    • Employees
    • Claims made or suits brought
    • Persons, organizations or government agencies making claims or bringing suits
  • Limit of Insurance will not be reduced by the self-insured retention


Self-Insured Retention
  • Minimum Amount $100,000
  • Allocated inside retained limit
  • Self-insured retention applies to each bodily injury or accident and claim expenses for which coverage is afforded by this Coverage Part.
  • Self-insured retention shall is a combined limit for WC and EL but a separate insured limits apply.
  • Limits of Insurance of this Coverage Part apply in excess of the self-insured retention.
Definition of Damages
  • Damages you are liable to a third party as a result of injury to your employee.
  • Damages for care and loss of services.
  • Damages for consequential bodily injury to a spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the injured employee.
  • Damage because of bodily injury to your employee arising out of and in the course of employment claimed against you in a capacity other than as employer.