Special District Entity Coverage A - CGL

Including Non-Employee Sexual Molestation and Harassment

Coverage Highlights

Insuring Agreement

  • Pay on behalf or Indemnity (Optional)
  • All loss and claims expenses to which this insurance applies in excess of the self-insured retention as shown on the Declarations.
  • For which the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of tort liability or the tort liability of others assumed or retained under a contract as a result of an occurrence of offense.
  • Occurs during the policy period
  • Non-employee harassment -- coverage trigger -- initial harassment
  • Sexual molestation -- coverage trigger -- first touch


Entities/Operations Insured

  • You, the Named Insured as shown on the Declarations
  • Members of the Governing Boards
  • Officers
  • Employees
  • Authorized Individual Volunteers
  • Professional Services being rendered if at the time of such wrongful act(s), such person was under the direct supervision and control of the Insured.
  • Student Body Organizations
  • Students participating in internship programs required by Insured but only while completing the school supervised, sponsored, board approved internship and only while under supervision as required by the program.

Limits of Insurance

  • Per Occurrence
  • Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations is the most we will pay the Insured under the Coverage Part regardless of the number of:
    • Insureds
    • Claims made or suits brought
    • Persons, organizations or government agencies making claims or bringing suits
  • Limit of Insurance will not be reduced by the self-insured retention
  • Annual Aggregate for all covered acts


Defense Cost Coverage
  • Within Policy Limits
  • In addition to Policy Limits (Optional)
Self-Insured Retention
  • Minimum Amount $100,000
  • Allocated Inside Retained Limit
  • Allocated Outside Retained Limit (Optional)
  • Annual Aggregate Applicable (Optional)
  • Self-insured retention applies to each and every wrongful act against damages and claim expenses for which coverage is afforded by this Coverage Part.
  • Self-insured retention shall not apply to damages or claims expenses related to a wrongful act which takes place prior to or subsequent to the policy period.
  • Self-insured retention shall not include any amount for damages or claim expenses related to any claims or part of a claim brought against the Insured for coverages which are not included in the terms of this Coverage Part.
  • Limits of Insurance of this Coverage Part apply in excess of the self-insured retention.
Other Provisions
  • Covered Territory
    • Anywhere in the World provided claim or suit is brought in USA, including its territories or possessions or Canada.
  • Settlement Provision
  • Purchase Separate Coverage for:
    • Stop Gap Coverage
    • Employee Benefits Coverage (claims-made only) (Optional)
    • Automobile Liability (Optional)
  • Anti-Stacking Clause
  • Separation of Insureds
  • Non-Waiver of Governmental Immunity