Municipal Entity Wrongful Acts Coverage

Including Employment Practices Liability

Coverage Highlights

Insuring Agreement

  • Pay on behalf or Indemnity (Optional)
  • All loss and claims expenses to which this insurance applies in excess of the self-insured retention as shown on the Declarations.
  • For which the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of tort liability or the tort liability of others assumed or retained under a contract as a result of a wrongful act
  • Occurs during the policy period


Entities/Operations Insured

  • You, the Named Insured as shown on the Declarations
  • Persons who were, are now, shall be your lawfully elected , appointed, employed officials
  • Current or former commissions, boards or other entities, including their former or current members, under your exclusive operation and jurisdiction
  • Current or Former Employees
  • Authorized Individual Volunteers if services performed are under your direct supervision and control.
  • Mutual aid or similar agreement: persons, entities or organizations providing services but only with respect to the conduct of your business and only to the extent of your participation or interest
  • Estate of those listed above
  • No coverage for any person, entity or organization with respect to the conduct of any current or past partnership or joint venture that is now shown as a Named Insured in the Declarations
  • Newly acquired entity or organization you form and over which you have exclusive jurisdiction and the following provisions apply:
    • Coverage afforded until the 90th day or end of policy period, whichever is earlier;
    • Coverage does not apply to any wrongful acts which takes place before you acquired or formed the entity or organization;
    • Coverage does not apply to any employment practices liability committed before you acquired or formed the new entity or organization
  • Misstatements
  • Misleading statements
  • Actual or Alleged Act
  • Error or Omission
  • Negligent Breach of Duty Committed by an Insured solely in the scope of their duties as respects your conduct as an educator, educational entity or educational organization.
  • Wrongful act arising out of Employment Practices Liability.

Limits of Insurance

  • Per Occurrence or Single Wrongful Act
  • Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations is the most we will pay the Insured under the Coverage Part regardless of the number of:
    • Insureds
    • Claims made or suits brought
    • Persons, organizations or government agencies making claims or bringing suits
  • Limit of Insurance will not be reduced by the self-insured retention
  • Annual Aggregate for all covered wrongful acts


Defense Cost Coverage
  • Within Policy Limits
  • In addition to Policy Limits (Optional)
Self-Insured Retention
  • Minimum Amount - $100,000
  • Allocated Inside Retained Limit
  • Allocated Outside Retained Limit (Optional)
  • Annual Aggregate Applicable (Optional)
  • Self-insured retention applies to each and every wrongful act against damages and claim expenses for which coverage is afforded by this Coverage Part.
  • Self-insured retention shall not include any amount for damages or claim expenses related to any claims or part of a claim brought against the Insured for coverages which are not included in the terms of this Coverage Part.
  • Limits of Insurance of this Coverage Part apply in excess of the self-insured retention.
Other Provisions
  • Covered Territory
    • Anywhere in the World provided claim or suit is brought in USA, including its territories or possessions or Canada.
  • Settlement Provision
  • Purchase Separate Coverage for:
    • Employee Benefits Coverage (claims-made only) (Optional)
    • Automobile Liability (Optional)
  • Anti-Stacking Clause
  • Separation of Insureds
  • Non-Waiver of Governmental Immunity
Claims Made Provisions
  • Prior Acts Coverage Available
  • Retroactive Date
  • ERP Charge Specified
  • Time required to purchase ERP, by written request, of 60-days for an extra charge.
  • SERP up to 3 years is available.
  • ERP does not reinstate, increase limits or change scope of coverage provided.